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Basic HIPAA Online Training. Updated for the 2018 HIPAA Final Rule, this is the perfect course for new hires and the general workforce. Updated with the latest HIPAA changes, this 1-hour course covers everything healthcare workers need to know about HIPAA Privacy and Security. Practical advice and the need to follow internal policies and procedures are emphasized throughout the course.

HIPAA – Is the federal health insurance portability act of 1996. HIPAA helps protect the privacy of patients and it helps healthcare industry companies control administrative costs. HIPAA sets guidelines that organizations must follow in regards to the security of data. Personally, identifiable information is collected widely in the healthcare industry, and it is this information that HIPAA regulations seek to protect. An organization that incurs a breach or data loss, and was not HIPAA compliant, faces severe penalties.

Key Concepts Covered Include:

STUDY HIPAA training course is essential for healthcare professionals, HR staff, third-party administrators as well as many other fields in order to have the information necessary to be in compliance. Key topics covered in a HIPAA training course include:

  • HIPAA Overview
  • Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • HIPAA Privacy
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Reasonable Safeguards
  • Using PHI for Marketing
  • HIPAA Security
  • Administrative Safeguards
  • Physical Safeguards
  • Technical Safeguards
  • Handling PHI
  • Security Breach
  • PHI Rights of Individuals
  • Enforcement of HIPAA

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